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The Social Breathwork is here to show you that how you breathe impacts the quality of your health, your wellbeing and your daily performance, and to provide you with the tools to shift your world in a more positive direction.
Our Story

The Social Breathwork was created by Sharon Burkey following her discovery that the need for every day better breathing and breathwork to be introduced into modern-day living was vast.  

The Social Breathwork offers a new understanding and a modern, no-woo-woo, down-to-earth approach to breathwork. Sharon aims to make it relatable, accessible, practical and, importantly, adaptable to fit into your way of life and everyday situations, as well as providing more profound growth and healing opportunities for those ready, as she wished she had on her journey.

We will show you how it is possible to feel and perform at your best, every day, simply by breathing better and using breathwork!



Sharon has seen huge shifts in everyday breathing habits and nervous system responses due to our overstimulated modern-day way of living. 
Discovering the need for better breathing and body-breath awareness in the modern day

Sharon has seen huge shifts in everyday breathing habits and nervous system responses due to our overstimulated modern-day way of living, which in turn, is increasing uncertainty, stress and anxiety, poor sleep, with many people feeling disconnected, on autopilot, fatigued and exhausted from constantly being ‘stuck in their heads’ and unable to switch off – out of sync - as she once was.

Realising that there has never been a greater need to show people of the modern day that there is a different way, a simple solution using something they already have, The Social Breathwork was born.

Yes, we already breathe, but as you will see,  how you breathe and use your breath will be the significant turning point in your life, health and mental wellbeing. It sounds so simple, and the beauty is that it can be if you choose to explore it.


Through The Social Breathwork, Sharon’s message is - no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do – EVERYBODY BENEFITS from discovering better breathing and breathwork AND she wants to show you how to do it without having to always pencil it in the diary or meditate!

Sharon invites everyone to join her on this fascinating adventure, which could change so much for you and your loved ones.

Use The Social Breathwork as your guide to get started on your journey, and beyond. 


We'll get you started, explore various breathwork techniques, provide practical tools to help you incorporate breathwork into your daily life, and offer more profound growth and healing breathwork opportunities for those ready. (And no, you don't need to chant, lick healing crystals, meditate, or, in some cases, even plan it in the diary!)

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