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switching off and relaxing


It is reported that the average person can spend up to 3 hours a day on their phone, with some spending much more, often without even realising it.

If we stop and think about it - that's 21 hours a week, or just over 2.5 days of a full-time job! However, our habit of reaching for the phone for distraction or to fill our time is coming at a price to many.

We have never been so connected, yet feeling so disconnected.

Access to unlimited information and being able to communicate with others is of course a gift, and most certainly has its benefits and uses for the world we live in. However, on the flip side, recent studies show worrying reports that the increased use of devices, in particular, time spent on social media is leading to feelings of heightened anxiety and stress, a negative impact on self-worth, mindless distraction affecting mood and sleep, and for some an increased sense of feeling disconnected from themselves, and others.


There are increasing concerns towards smartphone dependency and its contribution and impact on social engagement, health and wellbeing.

A small switch

What if we used just 5% of that time switching to something different?

Something that supports your physical and mental wellbeing. Something that doesn’t change your day or needs adding to a diary, something that's free and you can do anytime and anywhere!


We invite you to give the following challenge a go and see how you could replace just a few moments of screen time with some self-care, reconnection and breathing. You’ve got this, and we are right here with you!

Download a phone screensaver

challenge 1


Challenge 1 steps:


Download The Social Breathwork screensaver to remind you to breathe (above)


Whenever you go to pick up your phone to scroll or check social media, PAUSE - take a moment and check in on your breathing.


Notice how you are breathing at that time, and check in with how the body is feeling. Anything you notice?


Sit relaxed and take at least TEN conscious, slower steady breaths into the belly, using the nose. Seeing if you can make the exhales gentle, and slightly longer. You can use your mouth to exhale if easier at the start. Or, you can use a guided Quick Burst audio.


Once done, give yourself a massive high five. and see how you feel just after ten breaths. Carry on for however long you want to enjoy.


You might want to leave your phone alone now, but if you do pop on, continue to be aware of how you are breathing and continue with the slow breaths.
Tablet & Coffee

challenge 2


If you, your loved ones, or your partner, feel screen time is taking away important connection time, or you would like to rebuild communication together, why not try this? Start with once or twice a week and build up from there!

Challenge 2 steps:


All come together, TV, phones and devices are away or switched to silent/off


Complete this breathing audio together



Enjoy feeling calm and connected afterwards and chat about your experience


Do something fun/enjoyable together


Schedule the next one!
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