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The 12-week framework to help you reignite your inner fire!
It's time to get back in touch with your true self, re-connect back to what lights you up and start choosing YOU again!

Do you....


Feel like you're all over the place and need help to get more structure and focus?


Feel like you've spent years on ‘pause’ looking after others and neglecting yourself?


Feel like life is spinning away and you’ve no idea what's next for you, or how to reach it?

You're ready for change. You're ready to feel like YOU again!

If this is you, now is the perfect time for YOU to get back on TRACK! 


Join us on this 12-week journey to finally free yourself from feeling stuck, and start living the life you want to live!

If you've tried to make changes in the past but nothing seems to stick,

We’ve been there and have tried it ALL.

We self-neglected for far too long, lacked direction, and were overwhelmed by all the information out there! But because we were truly ready to make a real and lasting change, WE DID! 


From that, we've trained in the healing modalities that helped us the most and created the framework that can help you, too.  We are so excited to be able to provide you with the roadmap, support and tools that will guide you towards reaching where you truly want to be in life during this 12-week programme and beyond!


If you’re open to embracing deep exploration, dedicated to doing the work, and ready to build momentum towards making a real and lasting change, then this is for you!
Find your people, find your community, find your inner fire!

One issue with our modern society is isolation. 

One of the biggest lessons we learned was that we need support in order for us to grow.

Having a community of like-minded people on a similar journey provides the essential foundations that remind us of who we are and why we are THRIVE!

The Empowered Woman program aims to create a safe container for you to flourish. You can connect to like-minded women, feel part of a community and support (and cheer) each other through as you explore, grow and move through this exciting journey. 



A safe and supportive container intentionally designed to help you
truly flourish and grow.

Combining the most effective holistic healing and personal growth modalities in one program.
The 12 Week Journey

Your journey begins on Sunday 14th January 2024!

Join us in a sacred space in Linlithgow for our opening ceremony. Here you will explore and set your intentions, begin to release what is in your way, and get clear on what you would like to birth moving forward. The opening ceremony provides the foundations for your journey ahead and will include Sound Healing, Yogic practices, Shamanic practices and Breathwork; unlocking new possibilities and guiding you towards your path.


There will be 3 more ceremonies in Linlithgow like this at the end of each month.


You will have online group check-in calls mid-month.

You will also have weekly growth, support and healing practices to keep you on track- in Linlithgow or online.


Supporting each other as we find greater clarity in our vision for our lives is key to this program. When we feel stuck and out of alignment, it can be hard to know where to start or find the momentum to get going again without support. 


The program is a supportive container, and you will journey with accountability, sharing and celebrating your life!

The Empowered Woman 2024 

Are You Ready To Unleash Her?


The 12-week roadmap to your more empowered and authentic self includes:
  • A specifically designed framework to get you back on track, with support and community!

  • 4 x In-person Sunday group ceremonies in Linlithgow
         (worth £280)

  • 4 x online Sunday group gatherings (Q&A, guidance and support)       (worth £280)

  • 1 x Breathwork class per week on Mondays 6pm in Linlithgow OR option for online instead- Sundays at 11:30 am (worth £140)

  • 1 x Intro to Forrest Yoga with Sound Healing class per week on Tuesdays 7:30 pm in Bridgend near Linlithgow
    Option for Forrest Yoga online instead- Sundays at 10am
          (worth £140)

  • Dedicated private Facebook group for support

  • Journey with an accountability partner

  • Access to practitioners Sharon and Emma
    (£50 each per hour x 20+ hrs per week)

If you are not local to Linlithgow, you can attend the four in-person ceremonies and do the rest online!


In-person ceremonies will be held on:

  • Sunday, January 14th 

  • Sunday 28th January 

  • Sunday 25th February 

  • Sunday 31st March 

Each ceremony is 3pm - 7pm

self care women new beginning.jpg
It's time to find freedom, inner peace, clarity, confidence and direction to design
the life you choose, rather than existing in one by default.


By dedicating to yourself during this 12-week program you will:
  • Gain clarity as you re-connect to your heart longings and deepest desires

  • Feel yourself becoming more alive and present and start moving towards what you truly want

  • Build the courage to let go of what’s holding you back and move towards more of what you do want

  • Increase the physical and mental strength you need to step up in the ways your soul is asking for

  • Reduce stress and anxieties stored in the body, and feel yourself heal and grow

  • Nurture self-love, self-empowerment, and self-worth.

  • Learn tools and practices that help you get into alignment, back on your unique path and keep you there - for life!



Emma has over 20 years of experience supporting clients to find physical & emotional freedom.

Emma offers healing sessions that have a holistic approach- meaning you are treated as a unique individual,

and each healing session is tailored to your needs at each session.

Emma offers 121 Healing Sessions in Yoga Bodywork Massage, Shamanic Healing, Shamanic Bodywork & Reflexology. 


She also facilitates Training Courses & Community events which include Forrest Yoga, Song Circles & Sound Healing.

Emma is a specialist in her field and will support you to become more connected to yourself physically and emotionally, allowing you to be more empowered through self-awareness.

We are here to guide you on this wonderful path, the path that we too once felt a little lost on!  We're so excited to see where this takes you. 


Sharon’s mission is to support the path of self-transformation for all beings

Sharon is a holistic wellbeing and performance coach, registered hypnotherapist, and professional breathworker, with previous experience in teaching locomotion body movement and expressive dance.

It was not until later in life that she stumbled across breathwork, which was her true awakening!

Today, Sharon’s mission is to support the path of self-transformation for all beings. Focusing on reconnecting the breath, heart, body, and soul to create harmony that will positively affect your emotional and physical well-being and improve your quality of life.

With her passion for cheerleading human potential, and her warmth and caring nature, Sharon creates a welcoming haven for you to feel safe, comfortable, unjudged and inspired so that you are free to explore, express and grow.

We are here to guide you on this wonderful path!
We're so excited to see where this takes you during these 12 weeks and beyond!

An Investment in YOU!

Imagine, 12 weeks from now, feeling so free, connected, empowered, unstuck and back on the right path!

We understand that taking the steps towards investing in ourselves can feel quite big and daunting, especially when we are so used to putting others first!

We know the greater value that comes from receiving the support to dig deep, let go of limitations and step into greater fulfilment so we want to make this as accessible as possible to everyone ready to commit to this style of program!


That is why we have priced the program at an affordable rate, have payment plans in place AND have created an additional special offer for the first 10 people who book by the end of 2023!



The Empowered Woman 2024 Framework is worth over £2,840!

BUT we have made it available to you for ONLY £597 for the full 12-week program!


That includes all of your weekly classes, integrative ceremonies, guidance and support from Emma and Sharon, connection to community and like-minded women and accountability over 12 weeks! 


We also offer the option of 3 x monthly payments of just £197.00 

Book Your Space Here

  • 12 Week Journey - One Time Payment

    Valid for 12 weeks
    • The Empowered Women 2024 12 Week Program
  • 3 x Monthly Installments

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • The Empowered Women 2024 12 Week Program
  • What is involved at the in person ceremonies and when are they?
    ​A welcoming haven for you to feel safe, comfortable, unjudged and inspired so that you are free to explore, express and grow with like minded women. We provide a safe and sacred space for you to fully embrace the journey and our time together. The ceremany is an immersive experience, and specifically designed to offer a safe sanctury of exploration, releasing and transforming. You will recieve further information and a complete guide of the ceremony and preperation details on booking and before the event. Included in each ceremony will be Welcome, grounding and reconnection to bring us fully present into the space Intention setting Cacao Ceremony Singing and vocal expression Forrest Yoga Movement & Sound Intergrative Breathwork Intergration time and reflection Self-exploration and vision setting Sharing What does that look like? Self-Exploration and Vision Setting Introductions and creating a safe, supportive community Guided self-reflection exercises to explore your values, passions, and desires Vision-setting activities to clarify your authentic goals for 2024 Breaking Down Barriers through Breathwork Breathwork to release emotional blockages and bring in authenticity, creativity and expansion Understanding the connection between breath, emotions, and self-expression Group sharing and processing of experiences Yoga for Liberation Empowering yoga practices to release physical and emotional tension Mindful movement and body awareness Connecting with your body as a tool for self-discovery and authenticity Vibration and Tone Exploration Sound healing session to explore the impact of vibration on the body and mind Group vocal exercises to express emotions and intentions Integration of sound as a tool for personal transformation Unleashing Creativity and Designing Your Life Creative expression exercises to tap into your innate creativity Goal-setting and action planning for an authentic life Cultivating resilience and embracing the journey of self-discovery Celebrating Your Authentic Self Reflection on the Transformative Journey Integration of learnings and practices into daily life Commitment to living authentically in 2024 and beyond Each ceremony will be different and unique, but the aim is to support your inner journey. You will always have space to connect to your own flow and go at your own pace. What do I need to bring with me? A yoga mat Blankets and a Cushion Wear comfortable clothing/Yoga or sport wear. You can change into more comfortable and loose fitting clothing for the breathwork session should you wish to Water Personal journal if you have one How long are the in person ceremonial sessions? Our opening intergration ceremony is on Sunday 14th January and our closing ceremony is Sunday 31st March - these are 3pm - 7pm Following ceremonies will last for 3 hours on the following dates: January 28th 3pm February 25th 3pm You will get a complete guide of dates, times and a full overview guide of the program on booking.
  • How much time do I need to dedicate to this program?
    That really depends on you. This journey is about intergrating long term change to your life and to start using the tools provided into your daily life, as part of your life, to shift to living from a more authentic and propersious place. On offer to support you in your journey, and the time required would be: Our in person Ceremonial sessions together are on 14th Janaury - Linlithgow - 3pm - 7pm 25th February - Linlithgow - 3pm - 7pm 31st March - Linlithgow - 3pm - 7pm You have the option to attend bi-weekly online check-ins and Q&A group sessions Inlcuded in the program is the option to attend 1 x breathwork and 1 x yoga class per week, which we would advise you do as much as possible to support your healing and growth. Breathwork classes are Monday 6pm - 7pm in person Linlithgow (online option available also) Yoga is
  • Is this program for me?
    YES! If you are a woman who is in need of support to find herself again and you are ready for 2024 to be the year of significant change for you, then it is for you. However, we do need to advise that that are some medical contraindications, due to some of the healing modalities we use, and therefore, should you have any of these, we would advise you not to proceed with this program. Please read our contraindications section below to find out more.
  • Do I need any previous experience?
    No, not at all. This program is designed for complete beginners and all fitness levels. You do not need any previous breathwork experience either. The only thing you need to check is that you do not have any of the medical contraindications advise, and you will need to let us know of any injuries you have that may impact ability to perform certain yoga moves.
  • Where are the in-person classes held?
    In person classes are held in/near to Linlithgow. Online options will also be provided should you not be able to make the class in person.
  • I am pregnant and/or have a medical condition, is this suitable?
    Breathwork is safe and can offer an enjoyable, uplifting, liberating and healing experience. However, because we are making changes to our physiology by the way we breathe, there are a few cases where conscious connected breathwork would not be advised for certain conditions unless under medical guidance. These include: ​ Pregnancy Epilepsy Cancer - unless prescribed by a doctor Detached retina or Glaucoma Severe cardiovascular conditions Heart conditions or arrhythmia Pre-existing lung disease (COPD) Uncontrolled high or low blood pressure Bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or psychosis ​ Please seek medical advice if you are unsure, or contact us if you are unsure. ​ Note: if you have asthma, it is fine to participate but have your inhaler with you.
  • What happens when I book my place?
    After we all do a little celebratory dance, you will recieve your welcome message and will have access to the private Facebook Group. You will also receive all of the program information you need to get those important dates in your diary and to prepare for our Intergration Ceremony on 14th janaury, when we kick off! We will need to confirm some personal details with you at the time of booking, check medical or physical conditions with you and ask you to confirm some information. This is so we can ensure this program is right for you. From there, you are then fully guided onto your 12 week journey.
  • What is Forrest Yoga?
    Forrest Yoga was created by Ana Forrest. It supports us to strengthen and heal our body by teaching us to consciously breathe, move and gain awareness of movement and sensation in ways that help us to change our habitual thought and movement patterns that put a strain on our body and mind. Learn the foundational yoga postures, basic Forrest Yoga moves, alignment and breathing practice. Forrest Yoga can help with increasing the flexibility of the spine, core strength, range of movement at the joints, balance and focus, relaxation and sleep regulation, body awareness, energy and vitality. Classes are compassionately held, offer a supportive teaching style that will strengthen your body, focus the mind, connect you to your breath, and emphasise self-kindness towards your approach to yoga practice. What you will need: *a yoga mat *a space with the ability to use a wall and where you can be clearly seen (if online) *yoga strap/belt and a yoga block (if you have one) *water *wear warm, layered clothing suitable for yoga
  • What is Breathwork?
    Breathwork offers profound healing and growth potential. Essentially, breathwork is when you become aware of your breath, and then change it to create some form of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefit for yourself. Using carefully selected conscious connected breathwork techniques and music in our sessions will allow us to open the pathway to a natural process for healing and growth. By breathing oin such a way we experience a powerful full-body connection and can remove chronic tension, trauma and stored energy that is deeply rooted within the body, opening up space for healing, creativity, personal growth and exploration journeys. Techniques used in breathwork vary and focus on speed and depth of the breath, breath pattern, counts of the inhale and exhale, breath suspension, using the nose or mouth, breathing into certain parts of the body, using movement for example. In our main ceremonial session we will used Concious Connected breathing, which is where you breath in a circular rhythm using the mouth. In a safe and supportive environment, you simply lie down, get comfortable and are fully guided and supported on your journey. The beauty of breathwork is that you move with a pace and rhythm that feels right for you and your body. Focussed breathwork, hypnotherapy and reprogramming sessions Breathwork is the foundation of our work, however, in certain focussed sessions we bring together two healing modalities for powerful mind-body medicine. By using breathwork and gentle hypnotherapy together, we can tap into the power of your breath and your mind. During a Breathwork session any insights, new perspectives or messages you receive are openly accepted by the subconscious mind. This helps explain why Breathwork can lead to such rapid and profound healing and transformations. You will be advised of any sessions where we offer breathwork and gentle hypnotherapy together as a practice, and we will always ask for your permission and authorisation to do so first. All breathing sessions are explored in advance and you will be given a full information and preperation guide before each session. To learn more about breathwork, what to expect and how this supports you can view more information here:
  • What is hypnotherapy?
    Open to gentle guidance. When hypnosis is used, on it's own, your conscious mind is quieted, and you’re able to tap into the part of your brain where your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, sensations, emotions, memories and behaviours originate. In this state, you’re more open to gentle guidance to help you modify or replace the unconscious thoughts that are driving your current behaviour. Your practitioner simply suggests new messages to the subconcious mind, allowing change to start to take place. The session is relaxing and calming, and you will just feel as if you are nice and relaxed. During hypnotherapy, you remain in control. You will be tuned in to the work at hand, and so may not pay attention to your surroundings, but you will always be in charge of your own actions, behaviours, and statements. There are so many benefits to our mental and physical states when we explore hypnotherapy.
  • What is Shamanic Healing?
    Shamanic Healing is an ancient practice primarily created by indigenous peoples from all over the world. It involves the practitioner acting as a bridge between the seen and unseen aspects of who we are. There are many different approaches to this work, depending on what the individual recipient needs in each moment. A range of techniques are often used, sometimes with a focus on one particular technique depending on what is asking to be explored at the time. Each session will include a consultation followed by some of these common approaches to healing: “Extraction”- Releasing stuck energy and returning life force energy flow. “Soul retrieval”- Bringing back personal power that may have been lost due to trauma. "Shadow work"- Bringing awareness and new perspectives to our blind spots. “Drum journey”- Healing the subconscious via the gentle rhythm of the drum. It is recommended not to have any plans after a session to give space for potential longer sessions and integration.
  • What is Cermonial Cacao?
    Cacao is a powerful plant medicine that supports us to connect to our inner wisdom, deepest desires and greater purpose. She helps us to soften within so that we can get out of our own way and use our creativity and vision to create new pathways in our lives. Cacao has been used ceremonially for thousands of years by indigenous people across Central and South America during important life & seasonal events, to connect with spirit, and for healing. ​ The ceremonial-grade cacao is far less processed, purer & more potent than the raw cacao powder and chocolate of today. It's active ingredient; Theobromine, is translated as 'Food of the Gods', and the people of ancient Meso-America attributed a sacred status to Cacao, and would drink it ceremonially to commune with their gods. The Maya believed that the ka'kau' was discovered by the gods in a mountain, according to Mayan Mythology Hunahpú gave Cacao to the Maya after humans were created from maize by the divine grandmother goddess Ixmucané. The word Cacao originated from the Maya word Ka'kau', as well as the Maya words chokola'j " to drink chocolate together. The medicine of cacao facilitates inner journeying, movement, dance, yoga, creativity and healing. ​
  • What is Sound Healing?
    Sound is healing. Its helps to shift our energy and awareness into a more balanced state, supporting us in unwinding our nervous system for: deep relaxation reduced stress & anxiety heightened focus enhanced mood & well-being a boost of energy & feeling of rejuvenation improved sleep increased sense of connection & belonging ​ A variety of instruments are played live such as: voice singing bowls chimes various drums ​ These instruments all create sound waves that connect with our brain waves- allowing us to move into the Theta brainwave state which helps us: bypass mental blocks increase creativity reduce stress find deep restfulness & contentment ​ These benefits extend beyond the moments when your mind is in Theta State, and regular practice can prolong these benefits, leading to greater health outcomes.. ​ ​ Shamanic meditation and pranayama (yogic breath) can also be incorporated into each session. Use this time to prepare yourself for complete rest, sleep, and be guided into your dream world.

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  • 12 Week Journey - One Time Payment

    Valid for 12 weeks
    • The Empowered Women 2024 12 Week Program
  • 3 x Monthly Installments

    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    • The Empowered Women 2024 12 Week Program
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