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Chaos to Calm (3 mins)

Chaos to Calm (3 mins)

Don't have much time but feel you need a few minutes to catch your breath to feel calmer and more relaxed?


Take a moment, pop this audio on and feel yourself shift to a more calm and settled state in just a few minutes. 


As part of the Quick Bursts of Breathwork range, use this on the go and when your body and mind need a quick shift.



The Quick Bursts of Breathwork range is designed to be used at any moment throughout the day when needed to bring your body and mind back into balance quickly, they are not a full breathwork session. Use in conjunction with your regular daily practice.

  • Contents


    1 x Quick Burst Guided Breathing Audio (mp3 format)
    1 x Resources Guide 

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  • Suitability and Safety

    Do not perform breathwork while driving, operating machinery or in water. Suitable for all ages. If you have any medical concerns, please read the medical, safety and disclaimer information when checking out for more information.

  • Enjoy a FREE 7 Day Kickstart Program

    Have you completed the 7-day FREE kickstart program - New Potentials? There is lots of useful information, tips and experiences of breathing and breathwork that might help you. 

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