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Little reminders throughout your day will go a long way!

This is a great way to bring awareness to your breathing and bring in slow conscious breathing throughout your day. Feel calmer and break poor breathing habit cycles.

Download a phone screensaver



Challenge steps:


Download The Social Breathwork screensaver to remind you to breathe (above)


Set Breath Break Reminders on your phone (alarms or reminders) – every 2 hours (or whatever works in your day)


When the reminder goes off – Pause and take moment.


  • Notice how you are naturally breathing at that time, and check in with how the body is feeling. Anything you notice?

  • Sit relaxed and take at least TEN conscious, slower steady breaths into the belly, feel the belly rise and fall, using the nose to breathe. Seeing if you can make the exhales gentle, and slightly longer. You can use your mouth to exhale if easier at the start.

  • Or, you can use a Quick Burst guided audio.


Once done, give yourself a massive high five, and see how you feel just after ten breaths. Carry on for however long you want to enjoy.

Breath throughout the day

Remember, You can use your new found breath-break at any time during the day, no matter what the situation!


  • When you feel triggered - breathe

  • When your alarm wakes you up - breathe

  • If you are stuck in traffic - breathe

  • When a colleague is in a mood – breathe

  • When you are watching TV - breathe

  • When you get into bed - breathe

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