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Quick Release - Anger and Frustration (3 mins)

Quick Release - Anger and Frustration (3 mins)

Need to shift and release some frustration or anger?


Use this guided audio to shift and feel more regulated in a few minutes. Follow along, listen to the guide and the music, breathe, shake it out and let it go.


As part of the Quick Bursts of Breathwork range, use whilst on the go and when your body and mind need a quick shift.  



The Go-To Quick Bursts of Breathwork range is designed to be used at any moment throughout the day when needed to bring your body and mind back into balance quickly, they are not full breathwork sessions. Use in conjunction with your regular daily practice.

  • Contents


    1 x Quick Burst Guided Breathing Audio
    1 x Resource Guide

    Your products will be available for download immediately upon completion of purchase. An order confirmation email will be sent with your digital download links - links are valid for 30 days.

    Digital audio files will be in .mp3 unless otherwise stated.

  • Suitability and Safety

    Do not perform breathwork while driving, operating machinery or in water. This type of breathing may cause some sensations in the body such as tingling, or you may feel a little lightheaded - please do not worry, this is completely normal and all will return back to normal as your breath does. Please do not use this audio if you are pregnant or have a history of epilepsy or serious cardiovascular or lung concerns. If you have a serious health condition please see our contraindications for guidance before embarking on a breathwork journey. 

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