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Starter Kit - New Beginnings with Breathwork

Starter Kit - New Beginnings with Breathwork

  • Want to try and use breathwork but not sure where to start?
  • Want to ease into it and find your feet (well, breath)?
  • Want to build a sustainable way to use breathwork in your life?
  • Want to try a variety of breathing techniques to see what works for you?
  • Want to feel less stressed, anxious, overwhelmed and more in sync?


If so, we've got you covered!


This kit will get you started and moving forward with breathwork as a way of life. We've taken all of the guesswork out, everything is ready and waiting for you to simply follow along and get started on your journey.


Designed to help you form new habits, this kit will help you incorporate breathwork into your way of life. You will be introduced to a variety of breathing techniques and sessions designed to bring you into balance, calm your nervous system, improve sleep and energy and reduce anxiety and stress.



8 x Breathwork Guided Audio Sessions (each lasting between 7-10 mins)

3 x Quick Burst Breathwork Audios (intended for on-the-go and every day)

1 x Breath Break Guided Audio

1 x Breath Awareness and Reconnection Session
1 x New Beginnings with Breathwork Starter Kit and Guide (pdf). This includes a breathwork practice you can use immediately as well as a guide to help you easily incorporate breathwork into your way of life.

1 x Resources Guide (pdf)


Please note

Where breathing sessions are not suitable for certain medical conditions, these have been highlighted and an alternative session has been provided.

  • Contents

    Your products will be available for download immediately upon completion of purchase. An order confirmation email will be sent with your digital download links - links are valid for 30 days.

    If you receive 2 audio files for a Quick Burst go-to, this is because

    • 1 x audio is with breathing instructions at the start
    • 1 x audio which goes straight to breathing, for when you know the breathing pattern and want to get straight into it.
  • Suitability and Safety

    Some techniques and sessions in this starter kit are not suitable for certain conditions. An alternative breathing session is provided and guided in this case. If you are pregnant or have a history of epilepsy or serious cardiovascular or lung concerns do not complete sessions shown as having contraindications. If you have a serious health condition please see our contraindications for guidance before embarking on a breathwork journey.

    Do not perform breathwork while driving, operating machinery or in water.

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