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Sat, 16 Mar



Mind, Body and Soul Reset - Breathwork Tailored for Women for Balance and Harmony

Ladies, would you like to feel lighter, brighter, clearer, more balanced, and more like YOU again?! If you're nodding along, this beautifully curated restorative & reigniting experience is exactly what you need right now. It will revolutionise your heart, mind, body & soul.

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Mind, Body and Soul Reset - Breathwork Tailored for Women for Balance and Harmony
Mind, Body and Soul Reset - Breathwork Tailored for Women for Balance and Harmony

Time & Location

16 Mar 2024, 10:00 – 12:00

Falkirk, The Therapy Workshop, Room 6, 9B East Bridge St, Falkirk FK1 1YD, UK

About the event



This unique event connects wonderfully with International Women's Day (8th March) and Mother's Day (10th March). Led by Founder, Breathwork practitioner and Feminine Wellness Coach, Sharon Burkey, this immersive breathwork and somatic embodiment experience has been carefully curated and tailored for all women in need of a mind, body and soul reset!

Does this sound like you??

  • You just don't feel like yourself anymore.
  • You're tired of feeling stuck and out of balance.
  • You are constantly stuck in your head and feel exhausted 
  • You yearn for a deeper connection and a renewed sense of self
  • You want to feel lighter, and brighter, have more clarity, and ease 
  • You're ready to start changing this, once and for all!

If you're nodding along, please know that I understand how exhausting this can be, because I've been there too. After trying countless methods that didn't provide lasting results, I finally discovered a way to break free from stagnation and stuckness and release myself from the suffering it brings. And now, I want the same for you.

This is not just about learning how to - this event is a beautiful journey of body-mind-soul-heart reconnection and a stepping stone so that you can rediscover a new sense of inner peace, vitality and clarity within your body, soul and mind, and feel connected back to your authenticity in this world!


Ladies, we weren't born to experience constant unease, disconnection and anxiety, but for many of us, this is what is happening.  Life experiences, frustration, pain, hurt and societal pressures may have caused us to lose touch with our intuition and feminine nature - and with ourselves! Over time, we may have even adopted identities far from our true authenticity to protect ourselves, and relied solely on our masculine energy for 'survival'. 

Over time, we can feel dysregulated and out of alignment, our nervous system reacts and the body and mind will start to respond. We get stuck in our thoughts and detach further from our bodies, sometimes to try and escape the 'ickiness' feelings this can bring, finding ourselves on a hamster wheel of imbalance, exhaustion and stagnation. Sound familiar??

But, I want to show you that it doesn't have to be this way! 

This is a space for us to just let go, take a deep breath and pause, drop our guard, release the doubt, pain, fear, confusion and struggle we've held onto for far too long, and instead feel safe, comfortable, unjudged and inspired so that we are free to explore, express, heal and grow. 

This time together is about release and liberation from what no longer serves you and a celebration of coming back to YOU!  It is a beautiful and empowering experience when you give your soul the attention and time it yearns for.


In this session, we will use tapping, sound, movement and breathwork. (breathwork being the main practice). You will be fully guided and supported throughout the session, and your time here. 

For the session, you will be lying down, nice and relaxed, then guided into the session and the breathe. We use the power of our breath as it creates the bridge that will take us to inner peace, emotional healing and self-discovery. When we relax, let go of resistance that keeps us stuck, and focus on our breath, we can create a wonderfully immersive experience which unlocks the door directly into our inner world. 

Through conscious connected breathing, we also connect directly to the nervous system, allowing it to release any stored 'stuff' the body no longer wants to keep hold of. This can feel so freeing and leave you feeling lighter, spacious and clear. 


  • A warm welcome, settling in and orienteering/grounding session with inner child reconnection
  • 2 hour fully immersive experience with like-minded souls
  • Tools, support and inspiration within a group of amazing women, just like you
  • A transformative breathing and somatic experience fully guided by Sharon
  • Integration time, sharing (should you wish) and Q&A
  • A potentially life-changing experience that will bring many benefits to your relationships, health, heart, soul and mind!


From spending years feeling lost, disconnected from her body, stuck in her head and living out of sync, Sharon finally found a way to bridge the gap, heal and live from a place of real authenticity, balance and freedom! She was able to reignite that spark within, and from that day, has never looked back!

Today, it is her mission to help other women who have found themselves in a place of 'stuckness' or suffering. Sharon has helped many women shift to a life with more empowerment, balance and authenticity, inspiring them to tap into their feminine creativity, reclaim their identity and unlock their wisdom and true potential, in life and business. 

Through breathwork, upgrading thought work, and somatic and nervous system regulation-based techniques, Sharon guides you to lean into the new way of healing and liberation and to start living from a place of the highest levels of performance, clarity, authenticity, self-worth, joy and success that your wonderful soul is yearning for.


You must book in advance to attend this session. On booking you will be asked to register and complete a medical waiver. 

Further information will be emailed to you on how to prepare for your session and what to bring with you.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Sharon xx


Please note that this practice is not a substitute for medical advice. If you experience any of the following, you should consult your GP or healthcare provider first:  Epilepsy Heart conditions or arrhythmia High or low blood pressure with fainting history Unstable pregnancy Bi-polar disorder, schizophrenia or psychosis Glaucoma or detached retina Pre-existing lung disease  It may still be possible to breathe with us, and in these cases, I will recommend a modified practice for you. Please contact me if you wish to participate in this session, but have any listed conditions above at


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