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We'll be back soon!

We're upgrading our website to include exciting new services and certification programs!

In the meantime, see a snippet of what's to come and how we can support you below.

Our website and services will feature breathwork and somatic certification and programs through The Social Breathwork Academy, plus, workplace wellbeing, and individual and group coaching support.


Breathwork, Somatic & Nervous System Based Coaching
  • Trauma informed, mind-body & science-backed approaches

  • First-of-its-kind certification program to support and revolutionise therapeutic offerings

  • Safely integrate into current practices or develop a new one

  • Created for therapeutic practitioners & helping professionals

  • Promoting embodied holistic wellbeing and healing in therapeutic settings


​Breathwork and somatics are increasingly gaining popularity in therapeutic settings, 

particularly when working with trauma.

As more research supports the benefits of breathwork and somatics, they continue to gain recognition in the field of physical, emotional and mental health, coaching and wellness.

Our programs have been carefully developed for Hypnotherapists, Therapists, Practitioners, Coaches, Instructors, Wellness & Helping Professionals, and those dedicated to making a difference, and are tailored to meet the expanding range of client needs in an evolving world.


Our foundational to advanced CPD-accredited programs are innovative initiatives drawing from science-backed research, extensive work with patients and clients, and life experience, and are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate effective breathing, breathwork and somatic nervous system-based coaching into your toolkit and services. 

These programs will not only support you in your personal development journey, but they will set you apart in

the industry and, importantly, teach you the key fundamentals and framework to incorporate embodied practices safely with your clients and patients.

Ready to add them to your holistic toolkit? 

Working at home


Breathwork Fundamentals, Somatics and Nervous System-Based Coaching

The Foundational Certification Program is the perfect starting point for therapists, coaches, practitioners,  wellbeing and helping professionals and anyone eager to seek an understanding of, and start implementing, the foundational practices of breathwork and effective breathing, somatics, and body-oriented coaching into their existing practices, or be looking to develop a new one.

This program draws from our collective life experiences, science-backed research and extensive work with patients, offering a unique and effective approach to promoting embodied holistic wellbeing and healing in therapeutic settings.


Our program is internationally recognised with CPD Accreditation and is trauma-informed based. Ongoing learning Levels 3 available - Breathwork Facilitation.

Register For More Information Here

Our site will be back up very soon with lots of information about our programs and registration options, however, if you would like further information in the meantime, please feel free to request more information and be the first to know when our website is available.

Thank you for your interest, an email will be sent to you with more information. 



Our coaching programs are designed to support purposeful women who have been affected by narcissistic abuse and other toxic relationships. 

Rise & Reignite 

Rise & Reignite is a carefully curated 12 week trauma-informed coaching program to help women heal, reconnect, rebuild, rise and thrive once again. This will help you get unstuck and reclaim you!


Breathwork, Somatics & Reprogramming - Feel more aligned with clarity, focus and direction in your life. With improved resilience, rise above daily challenges with the ability to respond, rather than react. 

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Breathe life into your business and your workforce. Effective and practical holistic solutions tailored to your business and your workforce. Enhance connections, build confidence and ease stress and anxiety.



I'm Sharon, founder of The Social Breathwork and I'm on a mission!

So, you may be left thinking, 'What’s the deal with this breathwork and somatics malarky!’ - I get it, I was the same when I stumbled upon it some years ago but, trust me on this, we need this now more than ever and it could be the most significant turning point in your life, career, health and mental wellbeing, as it was for me.

Rediscovering to trust in myself and learning to harmonise with my body, mind, and intuition through breathwork and somatic-based practices marked a pivotal shift, and provided profound results, for both myself and my clients.  


The thought of guiding you towards that same sense of liberation or supporting you in implementing these practices with your clients fills me with excitement.

As an Embodiment and Breathwork Coach, and Clinical Hypnotherapist, focusing on feminine wellness, I have the privilege of supporting and coaching purposeful women to a place of wholeness, aliveness and liberation, guided by their inner intuition and authenticity, which, over time had been lost.

But, I am seeing the urgent need for more embodied therapeutic offerings to be available, in particular for women recovering and rebuilding from narcissistic abuse, co-dependency and other toxic relationships - that's where my mission comes in! 

I am in the process of releasing new, carefully curated, trauma-informed breathwork and somatic-based coaching and certification programs that are set to revolutionise therapeutic offerings and enhance support and healing even further.  Our shiny new site with further information and registration options will be available soon!

In the meantime, if this speaks to you then please do get in touch with me to chat about how I can support or work with you - I would love to connect with you. 

Sharon x

Want to get in touch? Drop me a message here.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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