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Effective and practical wellbeing solutions tailored to your business.

A vital link to boost productivity, improve resilience, beat stress and breathe life into your business and your workforce.

The Social Breathwork is committed to supporting you and your business

Reports show that stress, anxiety, burnout or depression account for over 60% of all work-related ill health. The need to invest in your business, workplace performance and workforce wellbeing have never been stronger. Implement simple and effective tools and strategies into your business and see a shift from striving to thriving.

Our methods provide a unique wellness strategy that easily integrates into your business and supports your team inside and outside the working environment.


Your workforce will be nurtured to improve resilience, manage stress and become laser-focused, holistically, supporting overall physical and mental wellbeing, team connection, safety and inclusion.

Our workshops and programs

The Social Breathwork offers cutting-edge training, tools and techniques to support:


  • Physical and Mental Wellbeing

  • Stress and Anxiety Management

  • Techniques for Focus and Peak Performance at work

  • Brain, and emotional state-shifting techniques

  • Effective science-based tools and techniques

  • Breathwork sessions to de-clutter the mind and bring clarity, and calm

And more!


breathwork for business


For your business
  • A boost in morale and a more engaged workforce

  • A more focused and resilient workforce

  • Reduction in absenteeism

  • Staff retention

  • Increased creativity, productivity and innovation

  • Reduction in errors

For you and your workforce
  • Improvement in overall physical and mental wellbeing, and outlook on life

  • Feeling included, and more connected to others

  • Enhanced creativity, clarity and ability to 'tap in' to better decision making

  • Better ability to cope with stress and difficult situations

  • Enhanced concentration, focus and problem solving, even when under pressure

  • Reduction in anxiety

  • Better sleep

  • Increased energy levels (without drinking coffee!)


Our training and services for business

Better Breathing | Better Health | Better Performance | Better Business


A workshop is the quickest way to create a positive impact on your business, and workforce.

Workshops are hosted by the founder of The Social Breathwork and offer a refreshing and unique approach to stress management, workforce wellbeing and resilience training.

We will arm your team with understanding and tools to help shift emotional states quickly, disrupt the stress response and rewire reactive thinking, develop an awareness of stress, body language and impact on team members, how to tap into creative thinking and focus, and much more. ​We are certain your team will find our workshops fascinating, engaging, fun and informative, and with a number of practical experiences, they will leave less stressed and with a new spring in their step! ​All participants receive detailed training, ongoing tools and techniques to continue to use. 3 hours minimum are required for workshops. half-day, full-day and two-day workshops are available, and can be run in-person or online.


Guided Breathwork sessions provide a unique experience for your team or event.


A bespoke session will be created to your required focus – whether that is to reduce stress, increase energy, tap into creativity and potential, or simply for a sense of overall wellbeing.

Often used as part of our wellness programme or for team-building experiences, participants are guided through a sequence of breathing flows to music that will leave everyone feeling present, clear-minded and ready to take on anything. - In person or online - 30 minute to 2 hour session


See measurable results in employee performance and wellbeing with a fully bespoke and tailored working wellness program.

Ranging from one month to one year, either in-person or online, our workshops include ongoing productivity and progress checks.

- Fully integrated breathwork and mindfulness program, designed to generate staff empowerment and wellness - Ongoing group, or 1-1 breathwork sessions - Senior management and workforce support - Office environment and discovering space to breathe


Using breathing techniques is one of the most effective ways to maintain energy, focus, reduce stress, and improve daily productivity. We appreciate that work days can be hectic, busy, and often not go to plan! It is for this reason why The Social Breathwork has designed a Take a Breath Break program.

Discover ways in which you can quickly tap into your breathing whilst on the go, and throughout the day. Cleverly designed, this offers a full range of opportunities, and times to breathe to restore balance, reduce stress and declutter a busy mind – without having to pencil it into a diary! What's included: - Training session - online or in person. - A detailed guide and the resources required to easily incorporate breathing methods into the working day, and at home. - Detailed breathing techniques to reduce stress and overwhelm and improve energy and focus. - Include as part of a company wellness programme. - Discovering space and opportunity to breathe.


Your performance and wellness coach

Sharon offers a refreshingly unique approach to stress management, workforce wellbeing and resilience training making her a popular facilitator of workplace wellbeing workshops.

With her background in coaching, hypnotherapy and breathwork, Sharon uses science-based practical solutions that are easy to apply, holistic, but highly effective. Your team will be armed with cutting-edge tools and techniques to help them thrive within the workplace, and at home.

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