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We'll be back soon!

We're upgrading our website to include exciting new services and certification programs!

In the meantime, see a snippet of what's to come and how we can support you below.

We are currently making improvements and expansions to our website and services, which will now feature the first of its kind, CPD accredited, and internationally recognised breathwork facilitation and body-mind oriented coaching programs through The Social Breathwork Academy.


Breathwork Facilitation & Somatic Coaching

​Breathwork and somatics are increasingly gaining popularity in therapeutic settings, 

particularly when working with trauma.

As more research supports the benefits of breathwork and somatics, they continue to gain recognition in the field of physical, emotional and mental health, coaching and wellness.

Our programs have been carefully developed for Hypnotherapists, Therapists, Practitioners, Coaches, Instructors, Wellness & Helping Professionals, and those dedicated to making a difference, and are tailored to meet the expanding range of client needs in an evolving world.


Our foundational to advanced CPD-accredited programs are innovative initiatives drawing from science-backed research, extensive work with patients and clients, and life experience, and are designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to integrate effective breathing, breathwork and somatic nervous system-based coaching into your toolkit and services. 

These programs will not only support you in your personal development journey, but they will set you apart in

the industry and, importantly, teach you the key fundamentals and framework to incorporate embodied practices safely with your clients and patients.

Ready to add them to your toolkit? 


Breathwork & Somatic Coaching 
Working at home


Introduction to Breathwork Fundamentals, Somatics and Nervous System-Based Coaching​

The Foundational Certification Program is the perfect starting point for therapists, coaches, practitioners, instructors, wellbeing and helping professionals and anyone eager to seek an understanding of, and start implementing, the foundational practices of breathwork, somatics, and body-oriented coaching into their existing practices, or to develop a new one.

This program draws from our collective life experiences, science-backed research and extensive work with patients, offering a unique approach to promoting embodied holistic wellbeing and healing trauma in therapeutic settings.


Our program is internationally recognised with CPD Accreditation and are trauma-aware based.

Request More Information 

Our site will be back up very soon with lots of information about our programs and registration options, however, if you would like further information in the meantime, please feel free to request more information and be the first to know when our website is available.

Thank you for your interest, an email will be sent to you with more information. 


We support and coach successful women affected by toxic relationships -
in life and business. 
Have you been affected by toxic relationships, in life or work, and do you now
  • Feel stuck, frustrated, angry, confused, and unable to move forward confidently in life and/or your career?
  • Feel overwhelmed by rumination, fear, perfectionism, mask wearing, people pleasing and overthinking?
  • Feel that you've lost a sense of 'self', feel disconnected from your body, agency and intuition?
  • Find it difficult to feel and manage your emotions, you may use distraction or numbing strategies to cope.
  • Long for this to ease, but nothing seems to be working! 
  • Feel like traditional therapy or 'mindset' work alone is not cutting it? 

If this sounds familiar, breathwork and somatic coaching may be the missing link you've been searching for and need. 


Breathwork & Somatic Coaching to Heal, Rebuild & Thrive Once Again

Welcome to the start of your journey to creating a life with more inner peace, confidence, clarity, authenticity, self-love and improved relationships - most importantly, the one with yourself!

Why Breathwork & Somatics

Toxic relationships, and other significant experiences in our lives, can have profound effects not just on our psychological wellbeing but also on our physical health and sense of self.

Disembodiment can occur; we become so deeply disconnected from our bodies, our agency, and our intuition.

Why is this?

The idea that "the body keeps the score" is more than just a saying – it's science. Unprocessed trauma and stress leave a physical imprint on your nervous system and in your body. 

If left unaddressed, this can manifest in overwhelming ways. This discomfort can be a powerful trigger, pushing us further away from our bodies, and our sense of self, and driving us towards our analytical and overthinking minds. 

This disconnect can be a source of significant unease, leaving us feeling dysregulated and out of balance, hindering the very communication we need for healing.

While traditional therapies and mindset work, a 'top-down' approach, offers valuable support, many find themselves trapped in cycles of breakthroughs followed by set backs and breakdowns.

The missing piece lies in recognising that true healing requires more than just addressing the mind; it involves an embodied approach that attends to the needs of our physical selves as well.

When we adopt a 'bottom-up' approach, including breathwork, somatics, and body and nervous system-based practices,  we pave the way for a deeper level of body-mind healing and genuine long-term transformation.

It's time to free your mind and reconnect to your body, breath, spirit and soul.



Effective healing and growth modalities in one safe container


A carefully curated 12 week trauma-aware coaching program to help you heal, reconnect, rebuild, rise and thrive once again.

From her life experiences, including recovering from toxic relationships and co-dependency, years of research, training and testing science-backed practices, and working with clients and patients, Sharon, the founder of The Social Breathwork, has lovingly combined some of the most effective healing and personal growth practices that she uses herself, and with clients.

With her mission to fully support your journey and revolutionise your mind, body, heart, soul and spirit along the way, Sharon's coaching provides the exact blueprint of what helped her recover, thrive, and feel more confident and connected to herself than ever before. This is how she was able to reclaim and rebuild her life.


These programs are for women who are ready to break the cycles of toxic relationships, co-dependency, people pleasing and limiting beliefs, and instead step back into their agency, and explore self-compassion, courage, commitment, joy, freedom and a future they choose to design. 

There is no shame, guilt or judgment here. This isn't about developing 'coping' strategies, this is where we get to go much deeper, we get to heal and rebuild as a collective, and it's where we get to thrive! 

What you expereince when you work with Sharon

  • Be part of a safe and supportive community of like-minded, brave and wonderful souls

  • Breathwork sessions to heal, release stored trauma and connect back to your true self

  • Weekly focus, workbooks and audio learnings.

  • Mindset reprogramming and new habit forming

  • Effective breathing to restore balance, and improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing

  • Somatics and Nervous System regulation practices

  • Techniques to help improve stress resilience and calm an overthinking mind

  • Boundaries, Mindfulness and Meditation 

  • Fortnightly Q&A Sessions, special guests and psycho-education

  • Live virtual gatherings,  somatic and expressive dance parties!

If you're ready to change the script, breathe new life into your life, release the 'stuckness', false stories and identities that weigh you down and let that spark within shine bright once again, come on in and let's begin! 

Join our next coaching program - Rise and Reignite. Registration is opening soon - commences June 2024!


Register your interest and to receive more information below:

Yes, please send me more information about coaching with Sharon.

Thank you - We will be in touch!



I'm Sharon, founder of The Social Breathwork, and I've been where you are.

From a life filled with what I 'thought' was everything, to the darkest days when I felt utterly lost, to that transformative moment when I stumbled upon breathwork - it's been quite the journey.


Fortunately, the road to get through some of my toughest times has been the most liberating of them all and has led me to be right here, right now - and meeting you!


Rediscovering to trust in myself and learning to harmonise with my body, mind, and intuition through breathwork and somatic coaching marked a pivotal shift in my journey. And the thought of guiding you towards that same sense of liberation fills me with excitement.

Today, as a women's Embodiment, Somatic, and Breathwork Coach, along with being a Feminine Wellness Hypnotherapist, I have the privilege of supporting and coaching purposeful women like you. Together, we journey back to a place of calm, clarity, confidence and liberation, guided by inner intuition and authenticity both in life and in business. 


I hope that you've found the missing link that you've been searching for here and I'd love to connect with you!


I'm so grateful you found your way here!

Sharon x

**If you would prefer to work with me 1-1/privately, send me a message below.

Want to get in touch? Drop me a message here.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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