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Well done for taking the Breath Check

Using your score from the Breath Check quiz, use the tabs below to see what this means for you.

Your breathing is more than likely keeping you out of sync

Your score highlights that your current breathing habits would benefit from some fine-tuning to support you in your everyday life and that you may be experiencing symptoms of ineffective breathing and an unregulated nervous system. Your breathing pattern will likely be more uneasy and restless, shifting to your chest with a shallow breathing rhythm, and potentially mouth breathing when you feel tense and stressed. You may find you hold your breath on occasion and feel muscle tension in your body - in particular your shoulders and jaw, you may also grind your teeth or clench your jaw.

An efficient breathing frequency, at rest, is around 8-14 breaths per minute. In today's world, it is not uncommon for the majority of us to breathe much more, however, this is a sign of overbreathing and will have a big impact on your overall physical health and mental wellbeing - and how you feel throughout your day.

Simple steps to change this

There is good news and a simple solution. Making small tweaks to your breathing habits and using bursts of breathwork will make a considerable change. Calming your nervous system will reduce anxiety and stress, manage emotional states, quieten the mind, improve sleep, improve health and shift your energy levels.  It's simple to make a few easy shifts and you can start immediately. Start today and feel a shift in how can you feel in a matter of days. 

Here is everything you need to get started
Take our 7 day kickstart course, New Potentials, and experience changes quickly
Or, if you are ready to jump right in and start using breathwork, use this starter kit 

The breathing test and checks completed with The Social Breathwork are not a diagnosis and are to assess if your breathing is showing signs of developing breathing habits, which may be dysfunctional and hindering you. The Social Breathwork is not a substitute for medical advice, and we recommend if you are concerned about your breathing or have any underlying medical conditions, or are experiencing breathing discomfort, chest pains, erratic heartbeat, feeling dizzy and lightheaded or any other concerns you should seek medical advice and support immediately.


The information and breathwork sessions provided by The Social Breathwork, and its products sold on the website are additional modalities that you can use for health, wellbeing and support for healing and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure, although the effectiveness of breathing well and breathwork can have a profound impact. If, for any reason you are unsure, please contact your GP or medical advisor before embarking on a breathwork journey.

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